Welcome to Sports Video Partners

Sports Video Partners is proud to partner with the National Pitching Association to create two online self-paced courses to allow athletes and coaches access to the best science-based research training methods available today.  The courses and website are designed to look and feel like many of the online courses taught at higher education institutions using a similar platform.  These courses combine lectures, notes, and quizzes to aid in mastering the information and help you implement it into your own training.

Enroll to gain access to the NPA’s science-based and data-driven instruction for one year. You will receive exclusive video content and interactive quizzes to assess your progress with the NPA program.  

This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best pitching coach at your own pace, from wherever you are.  

Every Pitcher's Toolkit discusses the following topics: Biomechanics, Functional Strength, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional Management, and Pitching Strategies and Tactics.

Introduction to the National Pitching AssociationThese days, too many pitchers get injured thus limiting their opportunity to continue playing baseball. Many times the desire to win has superseded what is best for an athlete's development and future potential. This combined with general misinformation about what is good, better, or best for the development of pitchers has seriously impaired or injured pitchers beyond rehabilitation.  This introductory course is designed to inform, instruct, and inspire based upon the principles of Biomechanics taught by the National Pitching Association.